IV Therapy Packages Include a hangover cure!

The Hangover Cure

Hangover Cure IV Infusions, Aesthetics Concierge of Texas

Specially designed for post-drinking recovery aimed at reducing nausea, dehydration, indigestion, headache, fatigue, lightheadedness, and aiding in liver recovery.

Ingredients: saline + electrolytes  + zofran + toradol + pepcid + super vitamin B12 + glutathione + GABA

Price: $225

Additional IV Therapy Packages available:

The Essentials

Young man and woman smiling together at a restaurant

The perfect starter bag designed for dehydration, nourishing skin, improving energy, and replenishing vitamins and nutrients. 

Ingredients: saline + electrolytes + vitamin B12 + tri-amino acids 

Price: $175

The Beauty Regimen

Facial close-up of lips, skin, nose, and eyes.

Designed to reverse the effects of aging by brightening skin’s appearance, improve hair and nail growth, increase circulation, aid in detoxification, and replenish vitamins and nutrients. 

Ingredients: saline + electrolytes + vitamin b12 + vitamin c + vitamin b complex + tri-amino acids + glutathione 

Price: $225

The Fat Burner

Weight loss, love handles, exercise, fa burning

Boosts weight loss by stimulating fat cell degradation, fat cell removal, and increasing energy. 

Ingredients: saline + electrolytes + Lipo-C + super vitamin B12 + vitamin B complex 

Price: $215

The Immune Booster

Immune system booster

Specially formulated with Myers’ cocktail to strengthen the immune system in an effort to prevent and tackle acute illnesses including viral and flu-like symptoms, aid in chronic disease management, and assist with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and allergies.  

Ingredients: saline + electrolytes + super vitamin B12 + super vitamin c + glutathione + tri-amino acids + trace metals + magnesium

Price: $240

The Migraine Cocktail

A man feels a headache or a painful migraine

Relieves symptoms of pain, nausea, and fatigue related to migraines. 

Ingredients: saline + electrolytes  + toradol + zofran + vitamin B12 + GABA 

Price: $200

The Performance Package

Young man and woman exercise by running and jogging together

Designed to be used either pre- or post-workout to boost overall athletic performance, speed up recovery time, decrease muscle soreness, decrease inflammation, improve sexual function, and replenish vitamins and nutrients.

Ingredients: saline + electrolytes + branched chain amino acids + tri-amino acids + magnesium + super vitamin B12 + vitamin c + vitamin b complex

Price: $240



Considered the king of all antioxidants; eliminates toxins, 

slows down the aging process, improves skin, helps prevent cancer, strengthens immune system, increases energy, improves sleep and memory, reduces oxidative stress, detoxifies liver and cells

Price: $30

Trace Metals

Boosts immune function, improves memory, reduces inflammation, decreases heart disease, strengthens bones, reduces muscle and joint discomfort, improves skin, boosts metabolism

Price: $30


Promotes weight loss secondary to fat breakdown and removal, boosts metabolism and mood, increases energy and mental function

Price: $30

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Build muscle, reduces muscle fatigue and recovery time, reduces exercise fatigue, increases energy and endurance

Price: $25

Tri-Amino Acids

Anti-aging, improves circulation, boosts immune system, improves sexual function

Price: $25

Vitamin B12

Increases energy, boosts mood and mental function, strengthens immune system, improves skin, hair, and nails

Price: $20

Super Vitamin B12

Extra energy

Price: $30

Vitamin B Complex

Delivers B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6; boost metabolism and energy, promotes hair and nail growth, improves mental function and mood, strengthens immune system

Price: $25

Vitamin C

Powerful antioxidant, strengthens immune system, promotes skin and eye health, improves mental function and mood, promotes cardiovascular health, prevents cancer and strokes

Price: $25

Super Vitamin C

Extra of all the Vitamin C benefits

Price: $35


Muscle recovery, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, increases energy, strengthens bones, promotes cardiovascular health

Price: $25


Anti-anxiety, improves mood, reduces stress

Price: $20

Super GABA

Extra anti-anxiety:

Price: $30


Prevents and treats nausea, helps stop vomiting

Price: $20


Pain relief, decreases swelling and inflammation

Price: $20


Treats indigestion

Price: $20